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5 Books for the Month Ahead

Including Renton and co’s final bow, the return of a Pulitzer winner and the physics of time made (relatively) easy

The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli

Writing at an all-important intersection between science and philosophy, Carlo Rovelli offers a masterclass in sheer erudition. With his characteristic charm and enthusiasm, the theoretical physicist and best-selling author attempts to unravel the magnitudinous mysteries of time itself. Through an engaging blend of science, art and philosophy, Rovelli charts the radical transformations of our understanding of time in ways that not only make questions of quantum theory manageable, but utterly riveting.

The Order of Time (Allen Lane) is out 26 April

Dead Men’s Trousers by Irvine Welsh

There he is, Mark Renton, minding his own business on a flight (he’s finally made it, managing DJs for a living), waiting for an ambien to kick when all of a sudden, who pops up in front of him? Begbie. What can possibly go wrong from thereon? A lot, as we all know. Welsh’s latest sees the Trainspotting gang take their final bow, mixing redemption and atonement for the characters, which away from the films, haven’t properly ran together since the original novel. Expect trademark Scottish wit, a distressing operation and drugs, obviously.

Dead Men’s Trousers (Jonathan Cape) is out now

God Save Texas, A Journey into the Future of America by Lawrence Wright

Lawrence Wright’s latest is an enjoyable read full of beautifully crafted tangents, all corresponding with his home state of Texas. Part travel writing, part Texan encyclopedia, ‘God Save Texas’ has the ability to steal you away from one topic (space, air-conditioning, oil) and then plant you squarely at the foot of another (the Astrodome, Houston’s surprisingly liberal attitudes, the world’s biggest minimart). With a sprinkling of humour, experience and autobiographical detail, you soon realise why Wright’s talents previously landed him a Pulitzer, but also why Texas is such a crucial factor in the future of America.

God Save Texas (Allen Lane) is out 26 April

Us vs. Them, The Failure of Globalism by Ian Bremmer

President and founder of the Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer offers a razor-sharp but decidedly measured account of the growing tensions arising from globalisation. From the rapid rise of populism to the perceptively knee-jerk nationalist response to global crises, Bremmer deftly highlights a rampant and increasingly aggressive rejection of the democratic, global and cosmopolitan trends that defined the late 20th century. A sobering read, his findings are far from pretty. But Bremmer isn’t interested in merely wallowing in a world at breaking point, he’s interested in finding a way to fix it.

Us vs. Them (Portfolio Penguin) is out 26 April

Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Measure What Matters sees legendary venture capitalist and popular TED talker John Doerr discuss his revolutionary approach to explosive business growth. By harnessing the powers of Objectives and Key Drivers (or OKRs), Doerr has helped entrepreneurial heavy-hitters such as Google and Amazon (as well as more than 50 other companies) to boost their productivity, efficiency and overall accountability. Measure What Matters not only features testimonials from the likes of Larry Page, Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg, but also offers invaluable advice on how to emulate the same success.

Measure What Matters (Portfolio Penguin) is out 26 April

Words by Davey Brett & Will Halbert