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A Handsome Hotel

A Spanish getaway that takes ‘switching off’ to another level

The Costa Blanca doesn’t have to mean stag dos and leathery Brits. A short and picturesque drive out of Alicante can have you in the Guadalest Valley amongst olive groves and winding countryside paths – against the backdrop of forest and weather-sculped rock – that yearn to be trodden. This is the setting of Vivood Landscape Hotel, an eco-friendly complex of 25 independent suites that promote the power of switching off.

Although a healthy lifestyle, exclusivity and architecture are key to the Vivood lifestyle, it’s the benefits of nature and ironically, keeping a low profile, which make this hotel stand out. The location is one that lends itself to escape and relaxation and experiencing the surroundings in a stylish and sleek way is central to Vivood. A concept helmed by architect Daniel Mayo and fellow architects and engineers, the aim was to create networks of discrete modular resort hotels that blend into beautiful scenery.

Comprised of clever prefabricated units sat on top of tall slender columns, the hotel prioritises your proximity to nature whilst minimising disruption to the ecosystem of the valley. This sustainable building method goes a little further. Not only do robust and earthy tones of the timbre and black Viroc (a material made up of compressed pine-wood and cement) cladding allow the units to consciously blend into the natural surroundings, they also generate extremely little waste and light pollution.

25 suites sit connected by pathways to a restaurant, lounge bar, an infinity pool and other terraces and hot tub platforms. The benefits of the modular architecture include being able to build with sustainable materials off-site whilst also minimising impact on the area. Structures can be planted in place over a short time. EJ

Words by Alan Smithee
Image Credits by Amanda Glez, Pablo, Vazquez, Group IMC, Jabali Studio