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Adding Fuel to the Fire

Whether you’re looking to muscle up or keep it lean, Barry’s Fuel Bar has exactly what you need to refuel, recover, and re-energise from your time in the Red Room

words by Miles KENNEY

For so long we’ve been told that if it’s delicious, it’s probably bad for us. So when it comes to the post-workout refuel, we confine ourselves to the utterly bland and downright boring in the name of ‘balance’. But Barry’s know all too well that no temple was ever built on lettuce alone. And with Fuel Bars in each and every one of their UK studios, Barry’s have gone and added some major flavour to the fuel that feeds your fire.

Barry’s Fuel Bars – found in all UK studios – specialise in delivering cutting-edge (and downright tasty) ways of fuelling people’s workouts. Their shakes aren’t just delicious, they’re tailor made to help you meet your fitness goals. Barry’s even go so far as to let you pre-order your shakes so that they’re ready and waiting for when you emerge – victorious and glorious – from the Red Room. From a post-workout snack, to a rest-day supplement Fuel Shakes are versatile, delicious, and ready when you are. From the tropical tang of the Miami Mango Madness to the caffeinated kick of the Not Yo’ Average Joe, Barry’s haven’t just revolutionised the protein shake scene, they’ve created a post-workout shake that actually feels like a reward.

The not-so-secret ingredient:
HERMOSA  protein

You know how the saying goes: Abs are made in the kitchen. Sure, the reps, sets and miles you accrue at the gym are essential too, but they don’t count for much if your diet isn’t also on point. All well and good, except for the simple fact that the majority of take-home protein powders taste like a decade old bicycle seat. Either that, or they’re filled with so much junk that you feel like you’ve downed a pint of concrete. 

Barry’s knows your pain, which is exactly why they’ve developed a protein so clean, delicious and smooth that staying on track with your diet won’t just be easy, it’ll be fun. Available exclusively in Barry’s UK studios, HERMOSA protein is the product of Barry’s signature desire to always go the extra mile, to accept no compromises, and to carve their own path. For the last five years it’s been the backbone of the Fuel Bar. And it’s now yours to enjoy at home. After popular demand from their clients, Barry’s are releasing the product for everyone to buy in both whey and vegan versions, as well as in both chocolate and vanilla flavours. HERMOSA protein provides a little taste of Barry’s in your own kitchen. You know, that place where abs are made. EJ

A word from the experts: 
Lillie Smith, Barry’s Manchester 

‘Using protein after your workout helps to repair muscle fibres that have been broken down during your Barry’s class. This process is what helps you to build and refine muscle. When repeated, it’s what helps you to come back stronger than before for every class. Alongside stretching and using good technique, this can also help prevent injuries. Grabbing a protein shake after Barry’s is the highlight of my day as it’s both beneficial and tastes amazing! By conveniently pre-ordering your shake before hitting the Red Room, it couldn’t be easier to get that protein hit in. And it doesn’t hurt that the shakes have a great macronutrient balance too.’LS