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*Interview & Photoshoot completed before the SAG-AFTRA strike Word & Interview: Beth Bennett Photography: Beth Bennett & Evie Friar EJ: So, I saw you were in Manchester last weekend? SD: Yeah, yeah, I’ve got a lot of friends there. I went to uni there

As time-travel epic The Lazarus Project explodes back onto our screens with a brutally action-packed second season, we caught up with leading lass Anjli Mohindra to find out more about stepping back into Archie’s prolific stomping boots, winning the prestigious

Charlotte Ritchie could very easily be anyone’s best friend. You probably know her face from her breakout role in Fresh Meat as the exceptionally annoying Oregon; or her sophomore series stint on Call The Midwife as the enthusiastically lovable, and

A meditation on the consequences of grief, All Of Us Strangers is a time-slipping, supernatural drama like you’ve never seen before. Adapted from the 1987 Japanese novel by Taichi Yamada, Andrew Haigh transposes the Tokyo-set story into contemporary London, using

orgos Lanthimos unveils a whole new world in this luxurious, horny, and hedonistic telling of Alasdair’s Gray’s 1992 novel. Adapted by frequent collaborator Tony McNamara (who also penned Lanthimos’ previous outing The Favourite which saw Olivia Colman clinch an Academy

Miyazaki is something of a legend in the film industry. No, as a matter of fact he is a legend. So when he announced that The Boy And The Heron (Japanese title: How Do You Live?) would be his final

Where is our technological evolution taking us? As the industry defrosts from a two-fold strike with the threat of artificial intelligence at the heart of the contention, Christos Nikous’ Fingernails appears, almost, to come out at the perfect time.

Molly Manning Walker’s evocative, neon-clad debut no doubt treads familiar ground for countless adults in the United Kingdom as it brings to life the post-exam mates holiday many adventured on as a somewhat rite of passage as teenagers.

merald Fennell’s sophomore showing draws us into the beautiful, violent privilege of mid-00s Oxford alongside the terrifically enchanted Oliver, portrayed by the bountiful, though slightly miscast, Barry Keoghan (he’s much too old for this and his so-called Merseyside accent leaves

Todd Haynes brings to life Samy Burch’s acerbic tale of an actress preparing for — what she hopes to be — the role of a lifetime in a scandalous biopic about an illicit romance that gripped the tabloids decades earlier.

"Hope is a thing with feathers.”  Emily Dickinson THE EDITOR'S NOTE I think eulogies are shit. How do you sum up a life in a few short paragraphs that portrays the role of that very person to everyone perched on the pews that

WORDS & INTERVIEW: Beth Bennett On a quiet Thursday morning in the middle of filming the third season of crime drama hit The Tower, Gemma Whelan invited us to her rental flat along the foggy Liverpool docks to get frank about

True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth.”  Eleanor Roosevelt THE EDITOR'S NOTE Growing up, I was a Cartoon Network kid. This isn’t all that interesting

Hiding in the foggy footlands of Scotland’s highlands, against the banks of the winding River Turret, lies Scotland’s oldest working distillery. Now, between the bottles, The Glenturret hosts the remarkable Lalique Restaurant under the guidance of Scottish chef Mark Donald.

A slight insight into the new British classic designer… Words By: Beth Bennett | Images Courtesy Of: Wales Bonner / Wales Bonner Grace Wales Bonner graduated from the world-renowned Central Saint Martins in 2014. Her graduate showcase collection ‘Afrique’ was awarded the

Our good pal and globetrotter Katie Marshall is on a mission to visit every European before she turns thirty. With a passion for making travel both financially and physically accessible for everyone, we invited her to share her adventures with

Isabel Marant’s SS24 menswear collection prepares the modern man for his maturation. Freya Yeldham reports…