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Barbour Wax for Life: Celebrating 100 Years of Sustainability

South Shield’s very own Barbour celebrates the centenary of its make-do-and-mend mentality

Words by Will Halbert

Barbour’s re-waxing service turns one hundred years old this year, which is to say that the South Shields heritage brand has been quietly waving the flag for sustainable practices for a century now. A minor celebration for some perhaps, but I’ve raised a glass to less so here goes:

Here’s to the miles, the minor scrapes, and the near misses. Here’s to the myriad tears and the mystery of their origins. Here’s to the teeth of dogs, the claws of cats, and the guile of wily infants. Here’s to the storytelling power of the patch repair and good ol’ patination. Here’s to the rain and its bigger brothers. Here’s to the deluge and the downpour and to staying dry regardless.

Here’s to the great outdoors and its thorny might; to winter nights and their frosty bite. Here’s to accidental damage and well-earned disrepair. Here’s to craft. Here’s to the makers that make with mileage in mind. Here’s to progeny, posterity, and the passing down of old rituals, old sentiments, old ceremonies. Here’s to time and its purposive attrition. Here’s to making it last. Here’s to making it count. Here’s to growing old (dis)gracefully. Here’s to one hundred years of rewaxing. Here’s to Barbour. Here’s to being old as hell and good as new.


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