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Breaking a Sweat in Style: The Under Armour UA RUSH Line

The UA RUSH collection offers style by the mile for those with the drive to go the distance

They say the UA RUSH collection is custom built with the personal best in mind. I’d wager that’s not entirely true. I’d wager that for all intents and purposes, the UA RUSH line is designed to leave your personal best right where it belongs: in the dust. 


How exactly? Well, UA RUSH boasts infrared technology that reflects your body’s energy to help you work harder and recover faster. Its close-fitting, soft knit fabrics all feature engineered mesh ventilation, expertly mapped to the places you need it most. The collection’s almost sew-free construction eliminates chafing, while its four-way stretch construction supports a full range of motion. Combine this with moisture-wicking, quick-drying technology and you have a collection built to help you go the distance.

Bottom line? This Collection represents gear you wear when it matters most. It’s the gear that gets you through your toughest workouts, your biggest games, your most intense training. It does so with science at its back and experience on its side. It is, quite simply, the best workout partner you’ll ever have.

The fact that it also happens to look so good is just a bonus.