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Dobrik & Lawton: Bespoke Tailors Open New Store on Savile Row

Words by Will Halbert
Photography by Alex Natt

Bespoke tailors, Joshua Dobrik and Kimberley Lawton have taken up residency at 31 Savile Row, a move that makes them the youngest in their craft to set up shop on the storied street in 50 years. 

Having cut their teeth at Savile Row institutions, Huntsman and Edward Sexton, before setting up their own East London tailoring house, it’s safe to say that the new kids on The Row are anything but. Which goes a long way to explaining Dobrik & Lawton’s already impressive fabric mastery.

Theirs, after all, is a beautifully flamboyant, unapologetically irreverent take on tailoring that eschews the tried and tested in favour of the truly remarkable. There’s really no risk of hyperbole or overstatement here; Dobrik & Lawton excel in a technical and textural intricacy that responds to the ebb and flow of fashion as opposed to simply sitting there scoffing at it. The result is a house style every bit as radical as it is red carpet ready. Bespoke tailoring with an Art Deco, haute-couture inflection, D&L boasts the kind of irreducible style that welcomes each and every superlative you care – or dare – to throw at it.

It’s exactly the kind of noise that Savile Row so desperately needs right now, and makes a most welcome addition to the growing list of reasons to fall in love with Savile Row – and with it, the world of British tailoring – all over again.

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