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Chelcee Grimes

Issue 65: Chelcee Grimes

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.

Bill Cunningham

Former New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham may be smiling at the sweet irony that he, a photographer, is being fondly remembered for his words, rather than his images. Yet, the reason for the popularity of this quote is that it rings true, and will almost certainly ring true eternally. Fashion is somewhat nebulous, highly subjective, and a way to outwardly express without speaking. The clothing does the work, well, mostly. Fashion has become the accessory to individuality, it engenders confidence and, if you look behind the badge, there are often far greater stories than one would initially expect. Like every other industry, Fashion is adapting to the demands of the day, slowly realising that new methods of production and material technology will be required to reduce carbon output and waste material. This period of adaptation suits fashion, after all, fashion embraces the new and the daring. Cyclical in its nature, slightly expensive at points, the world of fashion continues to turn. This issue is dedicated to the people who keep fashion alive, and the brands looking to evolve as we step into the future.

Welcome to EJ65.

Jai McIntosh