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Featured Libation: Doug McMaster’s Carrot Top Collins

An herbaceous, vegetal and forage-forward foray into familiar gin territory, Doug McMaster’s Carrot Top Collins offers a sustainable twist on a 19th century favourite. All the familiar favourites are there: the mildly sweet, botanical kick of the gin playing a tried-and-tested-tune alongside the humble sweet and sour combo of lemon and sugar. A dash of soda lengthens and lightens in equal measure. 

The twist comes in the emphasis of two wholly underused, underforaged, or else all-too-often-binned ingredients: carrot fronds (it’s a word, scouts honour) and blackcurrant leaves. Both come together to add new dimensions of flavour to the classic cocktail. The carrot fronds offset the bittersweet profile of the drink with a light, peppery spice while the blackcurrant leaves impart a particularly inviting aroma. A leafy libation with a fruit zest to boot, The Carrot Top Collins comes admirably close to a guilt-free, garden-fresh smoothie. That is, if you can ignore two fat slugs (of gin) that have somehow found themselves in the mix.

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Words by Will HALBERT
Image Credits Kim Lightbody