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The Gallery: Barbican Conservatory

Under the collective monniker of Haarkon, both India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson have made a name for themselves as skilled photographers, avid explorers and all-round visual storytellers. Their first book of published work, Glasshouse Greenhouse, is a glowing testament to their sense of adventure. On paper, a coffee table book dedicated to some of the world’s most ornate and lavish greenhouses is niche even by coffee table book standards. But for Haarkon, it’s tangible proof of their eye for detail, their passion for adventure, and their penchant for visual narrative:

‘Ultimately our work is all about trying to create a sense of a place through a series of images rather than trying to sum it up with just one. Photography for us is about storytelling, whether that’s for a product, brand or destination, and that’s really what drives us – capturing minor details that others might not have noticed and being able to communicate those nuances to celebrate what makes our subject unique.’

Glasshouse Greenhouse breathes new life into the endearing quality of the passion project, and gives a whole new meaning to the notion that a picture paints a thousand words.

Glasshouse Greenhouse (Pavilion) is available now.

Further Haarkon adventures can be found online ( and via their Instagram (@haarkon_)

Words by Will HALBERT
Photography by India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson of Haarkon