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Get the Look: Axel Foley

Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop

During a decade full of double denim, baggy streetwear and oversized printed shirts, making a fashion statement in the eighties was about as easy as sitting through a live performance of Black Lace’s ‘Agadoo’. There was a lot of noise, a kaleidoscope of colours and some inexplicable mullets to fight through. Yet one comedy cop managed to come out on top and save the decade’s style reputation with a high school sweatshirt and a pair of beat-up adidas trainers. 

Admittedly, his look is a little casual but it’s the worn in, non-nonsense feel of Axel Foley’s clothes that contrasts to the extravagant, big-is-better threads of the era and gives us all a well-earned rest from the commotion. While Foley begins his crime-fighting journey is a simple hoodie and jeans combo, the real winner of his wardrobe comes out to shine in the sequel: a Detroit Lions varsity jacket complete with embroidered patches and a satin lining. Always keen to display his loyalties, this jacket is practically attached to Foley for the duration of the film, complimented by some bleached denim and a trusty grey sweatshirt. An ideal undercover look for an unsung style hero. Test it out for yourself with the links below.

Jacket –

Sweatshirt –

Jeans –

Shoes –

Watch –

Sunglasses –