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Get the Look: Jaws

With this past weekend marking 45 years since Jaws’ North American release, many film fans have been reflecting on its groundbreaking impact that has paved the way for all subsequent Summer blockbusters since. It jarring editing and use of a now-iconic John Williams score helped the film pick up three Oscars and leave a lasting legacy. If you ask us, however, one element of the film has been severely overlooked: its influence on modern menswear. 

Yes, you did read that correctly. While it may seem like a 1970s shark-thriller featuring a host of insulated islanders may not be the best option when seeking out style inspiration, the Spielberg epic certainly makes a case for effortless dressing that gets the job done. Not only that, but the costuming helps to establish the personality traits of the characters providing subtle commentary on varying demonstrations of masculinity each as valid as the other. That’s why, this week, we’re not just identifying one style icon but we’re turning to all three stars of the shark-hunting show to track down those classic Amity Island fits. It is real, functional, symbolic style that can be polished up or paired down to suit the wearer. Give it a shot but stay out of the water.

Quint – Robert Shaw

Token salty sea dog and non-nonsense shark hunter. Neaten up his style with our picks below.

Jumper –

Shirt –

Trousers –

Cap –

Brody – Roy Scheider

Fish out of water, Police Chief Brody, ditches the uniform and settles into island life in jeans and a roll neck.

Roll Neck –

Jeans –

Belt –

Watch –

Hooper – Richard Dreyfuss

This marine biologist makes an entrance in double denim, sporting a worn leather holdall. Bonus points from us for being one of the few men that wears a Rolex Submariner for its original diving purposes.

Sweatshirt –

Jeans –

Watch –

Bag –