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Tanzania Lake Manyara Tree Lodge Guest sitting area

Hotel Review: Tanzania’s Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Immersed in the diverse woodscape of the Lake Manyara region, andBeyond’s Tree Lodge suites are the pinnacle of experiential holidaymaking. The buildings, grandiose tree houses that vary from family suites to independent apartments, are blended so astutely within the environment that you, all at once upon arrival, feel an intimate connection with the area. 

A stay at the lodge includes catered meals from local chefs, twice-daily activities into the safari – with optional add-ons – and a vast pool for your own leisure. It’s a 360 stay that encourages adventure as much as it does relaxation, and with elephants passing through and tree-climbing lions lazing around, the multiple facets of the wild have never been so approachable.

However, what’s more important is andBeyond’s commitment to the local community. Designed to exert minimal impact on the surrounding area, the Lodge also ensures that the people who live within the nearby regions are afforded the opportunity of employment that honours their cultural traditions. At Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, you’re afforded the insights of the true faces of the country, gifted their expertise into the area, the wildlife, and traditions. It’s not a resort or a compound, it’s part of the community and, whilst staying here, you can’t help but feel that sense of belonging. 

Word By: Beth Bennett | Imagery courtesy of: andBeyond