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Office-ready Ruggedness

Striking an expert balance between form and function, Bennett Winch’s innovative new Suit Carrier Holdall represents a timeless piece that’s perfect for the demands of modern life

words Will HALBERT

Overlooked by most but never under-appreciated by the truly initiated, there’s more to the humble holdall than meets the eye. This rings especially true when the holdall in question is The Suit Carrier Holdall from luxury luggage crafters, Bennett Winch.

By all accounts, the S.C. Holdall is one of those ingenious, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that instances of design that doesn’t just improve on a classic, it blows it clean out of the water. The sharp, understated, look of the ensemble masks a holdall and a suit carrier in one, which can be used either together or separately. Designed to accommodate one jacket and one pair of trousers, the suit carrier wraps around the central bag, and is secured with magnets and fine leather straps.

Crafted in England and developed over 18 months (in collaboration with our good friend and perpetual trend-setter, Permanent Style no less), the innovative, two-piece design of the S.C. Holdall is a must-have for any sartorially-inclined traveller. The outside of the suit carrier is made from the brand’s signature bonded waterproof canvas, while the holdall itself is made from a lightweight 18oz twill to ensure a solid structure without any added weight.

Rugged yet elegant, understated yet boldly confident, the S.C. Holdall not only offers the perfect solution for formal occasions, business trips and weekend getaways alike, but also champions a truly inspired approach to the buy-once-buy-well philosophy. EJ