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On the Road

Four Unique Paths, One Secret Destinations

Words by Will HALBERT

After such a huge summer, lesser style authorities would simply kick back, content with coasting on the impetus and infamousness of former glories. But this is Tessuti we’re talking about; they’re all about standing out, not standing still. So how exactly do you follow up on a Summer spent blazing across the sun soaked scenes of Brisbane (with Example and his entourage, no less)? Well, if you’re Tessuti, you take four brands, each one famous for having carved their own paths and forged their own unique and enduring philosophies. You invite them to a top secret location in the heart of Reykjavik, and you let them do what they do best: Forge their own unique path, in their own unique way, with neither limit nor boundary.

Tessuti – Never Bound by Boundaries.

The DC3 Crash Site of Sólheimasandur

Spend enough time venturing across the black sand and gravel stretches of Iceland’s Southern Coast and you’re sure to find the gnarled and weathered remains of the now iconic Douglas DC-3. Having crash-landed back in ‘73, the rusted remains of the aircraft stand in tall testament to man’s staunch defiance against the elements. On that note alone, Parajumpers must have felt right at home.

Inspired by Anchorage’s 210th Rescue Squadron, Parajumpers offer high quality outerwear that delivers on both performance and style. Ethical, beautiful and always adventure-ready, Parajumpers are all about finding that perfect balance between intuitive design and solid, uncompromising functionality. Starting their adventure amidst the weathered remains of the downed DC3 was the perfect way to put design and functionality to the test.

Article of Note
Gobi Bomber Jacket

As practical as it is versatile, the Parajumper Gobi Bomber Jacket offers the perfect visual metaphor of exactly what it is that the brand do so well: Deliver on-point, fashion-forward outerwear that doesn’t skimp on the smaller details. With a two-way, full-zip fasten and classic fit (not to mention five front pockets, two internal pockets, and a detachable carabiner neck fasten), the Gobi Bomber jacket oozes cool, comfort and convenience.

Moose Knuckles
The Black Sand Beaches

It’s no secret that life gets that little bit more interesting when you put your phone down. And as far as reasons for putting said phone down go, the Black Sand beaches of Southern Iceland’s Reynisfjara are up there with the best of ‘em. Showcasing the full splendour of Iceland’s majesty, the beaches are as famous for their stunning views as they are for their biting cold. 

With temperatures dipping as low as minus ten degrees, the Black Sand Beaches not only allowed Canadian troublemakers, Moose Knuckles, to showcase their outerwear performance credentials, they also provided the perfect visual metaphor for the brand’s ‘real life awaits’ philosophy. Moving away from the clutter of performance-heavy design, Moose Knuckles has carved out quite a niche for itself by creating fashion-inflected pieces that retain the functionality of extreme weather coats.

Article of Note
The 3Q Jacket

Longer than a bomber, shorter than a parka, the 3Q (as in ¾) jacket offers warmth and protection without ever compromising on mobility. The quilted design allows for a slim fit, while the heavy duty YKK metal zippers make getting your keys or phone from your pockets a breeze. Featuring the blue trimmed hood, and classic, metal sleeve logo, the 3Q Jacket is Moose Knuckles’ most sophisticated version of their warmest jacket.

The Glacier Roads

Complicate things all you want, but freedom can often be as simple as two wheels and a waxed jacket. And where better to put such a notion to the test than the winding roads en route to Reykjavik? It’s out on those roads, after all, where the elegant beauty of Iceland’s seemingly endless fields of green and the elemental ruggedness of its glaciers collide to spectacular effect. 

And if there’s one thing that British heritage brand, Belstaff knows well, it’s the coming together of the beautiful, the rugged and the spectacular. Belstaff has long since been the first word in classic, heritage style that holds its own in the 21st century. From expeditions to motorsports, catwalks to film sets, Belstaff has proven itself – time and time again – to be as versatile as it is iconic.

Article of Note
The Waxed Racemaster

Tracing its roots back to 1909, seminal British label Belstaff infuse their pieces with their true spirit of adventure. The Wax Racemaster Jacket is no exception. Offering a stripped-back, shortened version of their famous coat, the Racemaster is the perfect, café racer style jacket. The black, waxed cotton outer is both stylish and protective, adding a rugged edge to a long-standing outerwear staple.

Holland Cooper
Skalakot Farm

Where better to illustrate Holland and Cooper’s masterful balance of elegant style and rugged durability than the rolling landscapes and stunning vistas of Salakot Farm? The wild horses and even wilder, cascading waterfalls proved to be the perfect match for the brand’s signature style. In Jade Holland Cooper’s own words; ‘I have always been fascinated by the timeless beauty of the horse and man’s long-standing relationship to it. This obsession with horses and the influence they have had on fashion throughout the ages has been a constant source of design inspiration for me.’

A true celebration of British excellence, Holland Cooper combines luxurious suede and leather with their iconic Scottish woven tweed and wool pieces. The result is a range that effortlessly bridges the gap between town and country, offering a carefully-curated and tailor-made style that’s perfect for the colder months to come.

Article of Note
The Aspen Belt Jacket

Designed with a fashion-forward aesthetic in mind and functionality at its core, the Aspen Jacket is a versatile and sophisticated little number that’s sure to become a must-have Winter essential. Boasting a hand-plated, gold, signature buckle for secure fastening around the middle and a faux fur trimmed hood, the Aspen Jacket offers up a classic piece of British design.

Some Like it Hot

Our guide to keeping warm and caffeinated in the land of fire and ice

Iceland is one of the most picturesque cities on earth and is host to an array of restaurants and bars for you to visit. Here is our ultimate guide for food in Iceland, so take a look at are some of our favourite spots.


Early In The Morning
Start your day the right way and enjoy your breakfast at this amazing brunch destination. Open 7am-10am every day, when they say, early, they mean early. This place is always packed and has a buzz in the air as you are served all of your favourite breakfast staples.

The Laundromat Café
Step into a truly atmospheric restaurant, with incredible décor that is totally Instagram-worthy. This cafe is a quirky location that serves great breakfast with everything from pancakes to açaí bowls and more.


Icelandic Street Food
Here we have the perfect place to immerse yourself in Icelandic culture. Enjoy a twist on traditional tapas with Icelandic dishes that promise to tantalise your taste buds. Choose from a selection of food favourites including, stew, soup and something sweet for dessert.

Block Burger
For the best burger in town, head to Block Burger for some lunch. Pick your favourite burger, add some fries and finish with an ice-cold soda. There are plenty of options to choose from and the vegetarian picks are particularly delicious.


Burro Tapas Steaks
Head out into Reykjavik and indulge yourself in some of the best food around. Choose from a selection of tapas, or treat yourself to the perfect steak. Our favourite dish has to be the sushi that is authentic and fresh.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Lava Restaurant
Sit back, relax and enjoy your dinner with a breathtaking view. Situated next to Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon, the Lava Restaurant serves an array of Michelin Star dishes that look and taste great. A truly luxurious destination that is worth a visit.


Pablo Discobar
Pablo Discobar is completely unique, a little bit wacky, but ultimately very cool. Make sure to make use of their Happy Hour which is between 4pm-6pm every day. You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable night in this quirky bar.

One for the Road
The Belstaff Roadmaster

Ever heard of a proprietary eponym? A proprietary eponym refers to a brand that has become so good at what it does, so singular in its hold over the public’s gaze and admiration, that it actually comes to refer to the entire category to which it belongs. Following me so far? I’m talking about brands so tried and tested, so well-loved that we use their name even when we’re referring to other brands. You don’t ask for acetylsalicylic acid, you ask for Aspirin. You don’t ask for an adhesive bandage, you ask for a Band-Aid.

This is exactly the situation in which British heritage brand, Belstaff, find themselves. Over the course of its 90 some years, Belstaff has become synonymous with the waxed motorcycle jacket. They’re the bench mark, the industry standard. All of which is to say that you don’t ask for a waxed motorcycle jacket. You ask for a Belstaff.

And if the Belstaff Roadmaster is anything to go by, it’s with good reason, too. Easily one of Belstaff’s most recognisable designs, the Roadmaster combines both traditional and contemporary elements to offer a highpoint in style, form and function.

Aside from the obvious, utilitarian charm of the close-to-the body cut, the Roadmaster is also imbued with an elegantly ergonomic edge. Boasting a streamlined silhouette (which is further enhanced by the belted waist) and rugged, four pocket design, the Roadmasters motorsport credentials are plac-ed front and centre as the coat’s main pull.

The exterior of the jacket is crafted from Belstaff’s signature 6oz waxed cotton, which provides ample protection from the elements and just so happens to contrast beautifully against the vintage style patch and check cotton interior. The underarm vents, throat latch and snap cuffs make for further practical additions that sing of the jacket’s fine, racing heritage, while the signature antique brass hardware adds refined yet understated detailing. For all the Roadmaster’s racing pedigree and historical prestige, however, the jacket’s real appeal lies in the fact that you don’t even have to own a bike to pull it off.