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One Thing Done Well: Pantherella Socks

Our series of brands doing one item especially well continues this month with Pantherella Fine English Socks

The old adage that ‘the devil is in the details’ would border on cliché if it wasn’t so often true. By all accounts, the finer details of your outfit represent the alphabet you use to spell out your own style. And if this (somewhat laboured) metaphor is to be followed through to its logical end, then it’s your choice of sock that decides if your statement ends in a full stop or an exclamation point.

Enter Pantherella’s fine English socks. Established 1937, Pantherella has been the go-to premium sock for those looking to make a real statement – big or small – for over 80 years now. To this day, Pantherella socks are produced in its fifth-generation, family-owned factory right here in the UK. In the city of Leicester, to be precise.

Pantherella’s most revered stock-in-trade is its fine gauge socks with their ‘seamless’ toe construction. These socks use some of the sheerest and highest quality yarns – from filament silk to Sea Island cotton – to guarantee a lightweight, breathable and fashion-forward sock for any occasion. While regular toe seams often feel bulky, uncomfortable and ever-present, Pantherella’s smooth toe-seams are ghost-like in their delicate construction. This sense of seamlessness leaves the socks feeling comfortable, functional and undeniably luxurious.

Now, having dedicated just two decades shy of a century to producing England’s finest socks, Pantherella has heritage and history in spades. But according to Managing Director, Justin Hall, the real art of Pantherella lies in the brand’s knack for striking a balance between the old and the new. Sure, Pantherella still produces its socks on the same street as it did 80 years ago, and it still uses a number of the classic Bentley Komet Knitting machines that it did back in 1937, but its not afraid to invest in state-of-the-art production methods if it means upholding the company’s dedication to superior quality. With a candidness that’s every bit as rare as it is refreshing, Justin states that: ‘We are not a brand that just looks to the past – we are constantly innovating, following trends and employing modern machinery to make sure we continue to be the best sock makers in the world.’

And Justin’s own choice for one thing done well should come as little surprise: Northampton’s very own Joseph Cheaney & Sons Shoes. According to Justin, Cheaney’s hand-made shoes represent ‘a strong British manufacturing company that shares many values with Pantherella for quality control and hand-picking the very best materials.’ It’s an easy sell, and there’s no denying that a pair of Cheaneys and a carefully considered set of Pantherella socks would make for a solid fashion statement indeed. Whether it should end in a full stop or an exclamation point is entirely up to you.

Words by Will Halbert
Image Credits by Pantherella International Group