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Postcards: Bali, Indonesia

For a wheels edition of our regular travel feature, we quizzed patrons of surf and motorcycle brand Deus Ex Machina and cycling lifestyle titans Rapha for tips on their respective neighbourhoods

Anthony McInerheney Bali Special Projects Manager, Deus Ex Machina 

What is Bali’s best kept secret…that you’re willing to share?
Flights to Flores are cheaper than most people think. I might sound a little flippant but with the huge numbers of tourists flocking to Bali, added to the various beach developments aimed at Chinese tourists that are destroying surf spots. Sometimes it’s nice to just get out. Flores is still an unspoilt paradise a mere hour away.


What’s a bar or restaurant (or both) that best captures the spirit of Bali?
La Luciola. It may be western but it has been there for what must be twenty years. It has not only stood the test of time, but you see both young and old. That universal attraction means a lot. Besides the food and drinks are great beautiful. From there the traffic increases and the lower you get the hotter it becomes. With us it always becomes a bit of a mad dash. About 40km worth and then you are back home. 


What’s a neighbourhood that’s transforming for the better?
With so much development happening in Bali it’s hard to pick one that is excelling in this area. Perhaps Plaga. An area up in the mountains Consistently the cleanest area and a great place to visit. Did you know this is where they grow grapes to make wine?


When is the best time to visit?
We could be that guy and say, now. But really there isn’t a bad time. Like most tourist destinations one has to trade off numbers of tourists against best weather. From May to Oct is the dry season. And right now, the island is pretty crowded. Weather-wise it’s less muggy and slightly cooler. From Nov – April it’s the wet season. Rains, but usually only showers not torrential that lasts for days like some destinations and then there is the humidity, sometimes it can be bloody oppressive. I swim in my pool a lot during the wet season.


What is a tourist trap to avoid and the essential alternative?
Avoid the airport Taxi’s. They are a total rort, those guys run a closed shop and the prices are twice what the going Metered fare would be. You have two alternatives. Head upstairs to departures and flag down one of the BlueBird metered taxis who have just dropped a fare off or head through the Parking complex, across the airport access road and a few BlueBird taxis should be parked there. Get them to always use the meter. It’s always cheaper. You know the adage. If it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true. Besides, you can add a tip on later. Hard to go the other way.

Interview by Davey Brett