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Isabel Marant’s SS24 menswear collection

Simple Style. Effortless Evolution.

Words By: Freya Yeldham | Imagery Courtesy of: Pierre Ange Carlotti & Jonathan Llense

Isabel Marant’s SS24 Menswear collection blends the line between casual and formal in a way that feels effortlessly captivating.

Even though I don’t tend to adhere to the gender labels on clothes, it’s rare for me to look at a menswear collection and think, “Damn, I want that.” I want to wear so much of this collection, and I want to see it in the wild on other people, and think, “Wow they’re cool.” A particular item that stands out to me is the black trousers, which look tailored and yet have a looser wide fit, and are in a lustrous fabric – to me, achieving an almost impossible matching of soft and hard, luxury and tradition.

The options for what could go with these are endless, and yet I don’t think they’d get lost in an outfit. They’re not plain in any way, but they are adaptable. They’d elevate the plain and compliment the larger than life without taking over the show.

This is a collection for the man who normally shops vintage but has seen the (immaculately styled and shot) pictures and inevitably fallen in love with a few favourite pieces. It’s for the guy you meet at a gallery or a coffee shop, who is witty and smart yet not condescending. Who knows what they like and buys based on it.

SS24 is a selection that somehow achieves the tall task of combining pieces with classic elegance with pieces full of colour, pattern, and personality. It’s menswear that excites.