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Streetwear Sartorialism

Oliver Spencer’s SS20 Lineup Transcends Borders and Challenges Traditions

In many ways, a super-contemporary, open-air, street food arena turned 60’s Hong Kong night market provides the perfect visual metaphor for Oliver Spencer’s latest sartorial offerings.

Vibrant yet sophisticated, modern yet classic, the collection not only draws a fine line between streetwear steez and classic sartorialism, it then proceeds to dance up and down said line with an enviable elegance and inimitable attitude.

Transportive though the collection is – in both its Oriental inspirations and Continental inflections – Oliver Spencer remains no less loyal to his London roots. Harrington jackets atop emphatically-collared polo shirts betray a quintessentially British sensibility.This is first-rate British tailoring, no doubt. But not as we know it.

Oliver Spencer’s enviable mastery of fit and fabric, paired with his uniquely playful colour palette, come together to create a collection that gleefully eschews typical tailoring expectations to create something truly new, and perhaps even a little audacious. Dare we say it: this is tailored streetwear for the discerning gentleman.