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The Evolution of Outerwear

Uniqlo’s Hybrid Down range is the perfect working example of simplicity
done perfectly

words Will  HALBERT

The Parka sure has come a long way over the years. What was once a heavy, animal-hide, winter-ready shield for the Inuit has since become an enduring icon of both technical outerwear and contemporary British style alike. 

Uniqlo’s ‘Hybrid Down’ take on the humble Parka might just be one of the finest iterations to date. Joining a number of other coat styles as part of the Japanese-born brand’s ‘Hybrid Down’ range, the Parka offers warmth and style in equal measure. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: When it comes to the tricky world of technical outerwear, form and function are the rarest and most reluctant of bedfellows. That’s because, with very few exceptions, the middle ground between form and function is, well, exactly that: middling. Mediocrity is, after all, the inevitable result of excessive compromise.

Lucky for us, compromise doesn’t come easy for a brand like Uniqlo, who have designed a range of coats with all the warming winter protection you could possibly need, without getting bogged down in the usual, bulky heft of the winter coat. By expertly engineering an advanced combination of premium down filling and high-performance insulation padding, Uniqlo
have created the perfect marriage of heat, mobility, and versatility. Designed in conjunction with professional snowboarder Ayumu Hirano, these down-padded winter coats boast a lightweight, flexible and incredibly warm design that never sacrifices on style. The Hybrid Down technology removes the need for any quilting, meaning the coat retains a sleek and bulk-free silhouette. An additional water-repellent coating repels light rain, while the moisture-absorbing and heat-generating cotton further reinforces the range’s top tier outerwear credentials. 

Light in their build, warm in their construction, and future-proof in their minimal styling. Uniqlo’s Hybrid Down range offer up some serious outerwear solutions for your winter wardrobe. EJ