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The Return of Baggy Denim

Levi’s® Vintage Clothing’s ‘Loose Fix’ collection pays tribute to the artwork of the manchester Sound era

Words by Will Halbert

‘Loose Fix’ sees Levi’s® Vintage Clothing swapping its classic Americana ruggedness for the boxy, baggy vibes of Manchester’s historic music scene. I’m good with this for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m an incorrigibly sentimental ‘80s kid from the North West of England who can’t resist a good throwback. Secondly, I’m a notorious sucker for a slim fit who needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into less tapered territory. And thirdly, I’m a shameless hipster who feels a sense of smugness in being old enough to see a trend come full circle.

While the aughts (or noughties, depending on your position in relation to the proverbial pond) saw jeans eschew their looser cuts for leaner, lycra-esque fits, recent years have seen things filling out again. LVC’s ‘Loose Fix’ falls squarely into that relaxed-fit renaissance with a series of boxy, baggy fits that call back to the heydays of Manchester Sound. Not a cuff nor taper nor questionable bulge in sight, just an array of breaks and stacks and sags and drapes inspired by the sounds of Salford’s Happy Mondays.

It’s a refreshing sight, to be sure – one that pushes LVC way, way out of its Americana comfort zone. But therein lies the beauty of it all: LVC are masters in the art of archival callbacks and historical curation. They’re big on the deep dive, jumping feet first into fashion’s past with a glee unparalleled and a skill unmatched. As a result, they have become experts in capturing the cultural zeitgeists of yesteryear in fabric form. ‘Loose Fix’ is no exception. It’s nostalgia incarnate. Music-inflected garment mastery at its finest. 

Pair this with the Greenwich Village-inspired collection from last year and you truly start to appreciate the breadth of LVC’s historic and creative scope. Sure, it ain’t workwear, and I can see it ruffling feathers aplenty amongst those who subscribe to LVC’s more hardcore, blue-collar origins. But if you ask me, it’s yet another string in LVC’s forward-thinking, backward-glancing bow. If a couple of denim head melons get twisted in the process, then so be it.

Check out the full ‘Loose Fix’ Collection here.