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Issue 59 – Behind The Scenes

A concise opening but an honest one: I love people who love things. I do. I love the almost inexplicable, entirely unrelatable, and downright unapologetic geekery of those who are truly passionate about, well, just about anything. I love the deep divers and the connoisseurs, the snobs and eccentrics in any and all of their myriad forms. From watch collectors to train spotters, from tailoring nuts to fitness freaks. I love them all.

I love people with soul in the mix and skin in the game for the simple fact that they have, for want of a better cliché, put their money where their mouth is on more occasions than society might deem mentally sound. They’ve spent time, money and considerable effort sharpening their tools, mastering their trades, and generally just jumping headlong into the far-flung reaches of some bizarre esotericism. That’s worth a thing or two in my book; that takes heart and soul.

This issue, then, goes out to the artists, makers, tanners, and cocktail shakers with skin in the game and soul in the mix. It’s a behind-the-scenes, beyond-the-curtain look at what goes into the making of, well, just about everything. From the world’s most identifiable shoe to Manchester’s most handsome pen, from London’s most engaging street art to Denmark’s most iconoclastic distillers, issue 59 is a celebration of the graft, magic, and love that lies behind our favourite things.