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When Film Becomes Fashion

When film becomes fashion: A24’s exclusive merchandise builds hype for their silver screen successes. 

On the cusp of celebrating a decade since its founding, the film company A24 boasts an array of divisive, unique, and varied films. Academy award winners such as Moonlight, Room, Ex Machina; cult horror icons such as The Witch, Midsommar, and Hereditary; as well as the hit television series Euphoria all feature in their expansive catalogue. Amongst filmgoers, there even exists a turn of phrase ‘A24 vibes’ about the specific style of cinema the company exudes. 

And it seems, A24’s place, not only in the film industry itself, but in the greater cultural sphere, persists with their ethos of presenting stories from a distinct perspective. And how do they do this? Through their own exclusive merchandise line. 

Beginning with a plain black tee emblazoned with their address (A24 Films LLC, New York, NY), a basic with little fan fare, filmgoers flocked to have an item to show their support of independent cinema. The company itself didn’t expect such a clammer and the numbers were limited. Now, A24’s online shop features a variety of different tees, sweaters, and fleeces. The company branded basics are a persistent fixture while ones branded with their latest releases are released in limited quantities, making them an exclusive piece of film fashion. 

In 2019, the company partnered with Online Ceramics to produce even more exclusive merchandise around their most popular horror films, items of which reach resale value of up to $300. 

Other collaborations include Maruhimo, a Japanese pottery store, to release branded ceramic tea cups; Joya, a Brooklyn based scent studio, to release ‘genre’ candles. More recently, the company also teamed up Bijan Shahvali, curator and owner of Intramural, to sell vintage merchandise from lesser-known, cult classic films of the past such as a The Green Mile cap, a The Fly badge, and a Jerry Maguire sweater. 

Through all of these collaborations and merchandise sales, A24’s investments, industry partnerships, and overall box office numbers have seen a monumental increase. For a company still somewhat in its infancy against the behemoth of long established competitors, A24 fits into an ever expanding niche that cries for loyal fans. And they certainly have them. 

Bringing films from the screen to the wardrobe has furthered A24’s quest to become a cultural icon beyond the confines of film production and distribution, and there appears to be no slowing down.

A24’s latest collaboration with Online Ceramics for their new film, Ti West’s ‘X’ (starring Brittany Snow, Kid Cudi, Jenna Ortega and Mia Goth), drops 4pm on March 17th. 

Written by Beth Bennett

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