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Go Hard or Go Home

Siren Brewing’s nitro-infused Hard Pour Broken Dream cranks the volume up on firm fan favourite

Independent, Berkshire based brewery, Siren Craft Brew, today announced the launch of a limited-edition take on its signature breakfast stout, Broken Dream. Utilising advanced Nitro technology, the aptly-named Hard Pour Broken Dream offers an amped up version of the coffee and chocolate powerhouse that is Siren’s OG breakfast stout – a stout so good it was actually crowned the CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain back in August 2018.

For those looking for a little science lesson, nitro beer is concocted with a slight modification of ingredients and a little hit of, you guessed it, nitrogen. This nitrogen quickly turns to gas to replace some of the carbon dioxide, which in turn creates a silky-smooth texture. Hard Pour Broken Dream also cranks up the coffee content by a whopping 50%, accentuating the award-winning flavours of the original. Once packaged up, the cans are left to sit for seven days, giving the nitrogen time to work its magic.

What’s a ‘hard pour’, we hear you ask? We’re so glad you did. Unlike other beers that should be poured slowly and with care, the hard pour technique (that we only recommend using with nitro brews) demands that you hold the can almost completely upside down for a quicker pour that causes an eruption that will quickly settle into a perfect horizon of thick, silky head. For the full Nitro experience, you can even purchase the beer with Siren’s specially designed Nitro-branded glass, expertly designed to give the best possible pour and head retention. 

The journey into the world of nitro brewing is only just starting for Siren, but the Berkshire-based brewers are already in the process of crafting more forward-thinking, limited-edition beers to be released over the coming months. 

So sit back, crack a beer, and watch this space.

Hard Pour Broken Dream is available to purchase online and in the Siren Craft Brew Tap Yard from today. For 10% off your first order, join the Siren mailing list at