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Issue 34 – Richard Biedul

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” – Michael Jordan

Sport: the great divider. You’re either mad fer it or it’s a needlessly rowdy, pub-experience-ruining, conversation-stunting menace. For this issue, we’ve tried not to be those guys. There’s touches of sport here and there, but we haven’t gone full-kit w****r about it. Cover star Richard Biedul briefly reveals a childhood love of swimming and a loose allegiance to QPR, but he’s much more interested in talking about masculinity, responsible clothing and Chandler Bing, which to be honest, we’re into. Elsewhere, we’ve spoken to football club owners, paired beer with the summer’s sporting events, and ran around the world with Mikkeller running club. Run that mile, hit that ball, do that sport and follow our Instagram.