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Justerini & Brooks: The Art of Collecting Rare Whisky

Immerse yourself in the world of rare whisky with the unrivalled expertise and access of Justerini & Brooks

Lagavulin distillery

The world of Whisky can, at times, be daunting. Steeped in history and art, a self expression of the land and the people working together to produce an outstanding product. Yet, finding an access point into the whisky world is not always easy. Good news, we have found one for you thanks to Justerini & Brooks.

Accessibility is often one of the major problems when attempting to venture into the world of rare whisky. Filmed in the heart of Scotland, the interactive experience hosted by Head of Rare and Collectable Whiskies at Justerini & Brooks, Tod Bradbury, allows you to indulge and explore from the comfort of your own home throughout their three-part series. 

Alongside the video series, The Art of Collecting Rare Whisky experience includes a Justerini & Brooks tasting kit featuring four samples of outstanding and varied whiskies from Mortlach, Talisker, Johnnie Walker and ‘The Cally’, as well as a bespoke journal to record tasting notes. 

Justerini & Brooks
Tod Bradbury Head of Rare and Collectable Whisky

The three-part series follows a linear format to informatively advise new whisky collectors on the standards set in the whisky world. Part one will introduce you to the world of rare whisky, learning how to start your own personal collection from the people at the beating heart of the industry. Experts include: Dr. Craig Wilson: Master Blender, Joanne McKercher: Senior Archivist, Ewan Gunn: Global Scotch Brand Ambassador and Pierrick Guillaume: Distillery Manager at Lagavulin.

Opening with expert advice sets the precedent for the remainder of the series. Viewers are entrusted with quality and reliable information from those who are entwined in the world of rare whisky. 

Part two dissects and explores the history, nature, and importance of taste. Viewers are encouraged to experience the varied array of whiskies within your Justerini & Brooks tasting kit. Featuring drams from some of Scotland’s best-loved and highly-rated distilleries including: Talisker, Xpedition Oak, 43 Year Old; Mortlach, 26 Year Old; Johnnie Walker, Ghost and Rare, Glenury Royal and The Caledonian, ‘The Cally’, 40 Year Old. The aim of part two is to enable participants to analyse and understand the nuances of taste alongside acquiring and utilising the appropriate descriptive language used when articulating various thoughts about each whisky

Part three facilitates actioning the knowledge acquired, allowing you to begin building and caring for your own bespoke rare whisky collection. Justerini & Brooks believe in acquiring and applying knowledge. Therefore, going one step further and teaching you how to curate your personal collection based on your individual preferences is testament to their passion for whisky and belief in encouraging people to get involved in the world of rare whisky. 

Justerini & Brooks tasting kit samples

Providing unparalleled access to insights, guidance and tips, The Art of Collecting Rare Whisky is open for purchase from the Justerini & Brooks website. The full digital masterclass three-part series including a Justerini & Brooks Tasting Kit and Smythson whisky journal will be priced at £500.

Register for “The Art of Collecting Rare Whisky” via

Oh, and another thing

Justerini & Brooks offer some of the finest whiskies available anywhere in the world. In order to provide you, dear reader, with words from the experts, here are two leading whiskies alongside their complimentary tasting notes:

Singleton, 39 Year Old, Highlands, 1982

Price: £2,295

Tasting Notes

Red-hued amber in colour, the nose it is mellow and the aroma profoundly complex. Mild at first, and vinous, with fruity top notes suggesting a rich fruit cake with wine-soaked raisins, candied orange peel and toasted almonds. Rich and succulent blackberries burst onto the palate, while a sumptuous whisper of crumbled muscovado sugar leaves the taste buds tantalised.

Distillery Notes

The Singleton of Glen Ord is the oldest of The Singleton distilleries and the only Highlander in the family; Glen Ord is the product of the White Burn’s water and the Black Isle’s barley. The products of which are a fruity, complex collection that covers all occasions, from aperitif to night-long contemplation.

At 39 years old, this whisky is approaching four decades in the making and only 1,695 bottles have been released of this extra-long double maturation whisky. Emerging from the oak after a 39-year quest to epitomise the intensity and lavishness of exquisite European wines through whisky favour, is a Single Malt Scotch unlike any that has come before it.


Price: £1,650

Tasting Notes

The colour of a deep-hued beech tree in autumn, on the nose it is mellow with complex with woody aromas. Light, fresh and vinous top notes mingle with linseed oil then fade into a warm suggestion of sun-bleached polished mahogany, backed by dry edible seaweed, with sweeter hints of baked fig and butterscotch.

Distillery Notes

The biggest, the most intense, the definitive. The spirit is usually matured for at least 16 years, and we like to think of it as character building. After all, such intense flavour isn’t created overnight. From the rugged Hebridean Isles, miles and miles of peat bog in the west of the island provide the raw material which imbues the barley with that distinct smoky flavour.


They’re good, aren’t they?