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One Thing Done Well: The Manifattura Ceccarelli Mountain Jacket

words by Will HALBERT | photo by John PHILLIPS

Manifattura Ceccarelli combines time-honoured, Italian finesse with a touch of rough-and-ready americana to create outerwear guaranteed to hold its own in the cold winter months

It’s not often that the UK’s foremost denim peddlers, Rivet & Hide stray from their Japanese offerings. Why would they? Over the years and across two stores, the boutique menswear destination has made a name for itself as a discerning purveyor of the very best in Japanese fabric artistry. They have been known to make the odd exception, though. And getting up close and personal with the latest and greatest from Manifattura Ceccarelli, it’s safe to say that the family-owned italian heritage brand falls squarely in the category of exceptional. 

With an almost obsessive approach to fit and fabric, Giuliano and the team at Manifattura Ceccarelli have dedicated over two decades to crafting classically-inspired, technically-peerless garments from their base in the city of Forlì. Leaning on a range of naturally-waxed cottons, hardy tweeds and fine leathers, the brand boasts the kind of fabric-forward, eco-friendly craftsmanship that dares you to put it through its paces; be that on the country path or the city street. Honestly, we’d expect nothing less from the very same team entrusted to help US outerwear legends, Filson with their European production back in the ‘90s. 

The Mountain Jacket in Dark Tan offers a particularly striking example of the brand’s dual heritage. Boasting an almost academic approach to design and production, the Mountain Jacket reads like a roll call of elevated outerwear bells and whistles. The virgin wool insulation and super fine, cupro lining take care of the comfort side of things, while the waxed cotton canvas outer (from the famed mills of Halley Stevenson, no less) comes through with some serious, winter-ready robustness. The hood follows suit with an all-encompassing, almost snorkel-like level of facial coverage, while the heavy duty main zip fastening (with press stud covering placket) and storm cuffs double down on the garment’s tough-as-nails protective edge.

Quite frankly, it’s the kind of coat you could lose yourself in; a wearable tent that allows you to brave the winter weather without ever feeling like you’ve actually stepped outside. Ski resort chic meets tank-buster ruggedness in what might just be the last winter coat you’ll ever need. It’s a master stroke form Manifattura Ceccarelli, and an obvious choice for the hallowed rails of Rivet & Hide. | @rivetandhide