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The Perfect Pairing

A choice selection of spectacle-enhancing brews for the summer of sport’s biggest events curated by Dan Sandy, General Manager of East London’s Kill The Cat bottle shop and bar

FOOTBALL: FIFA World Cup Final
BEER: Patrons Project 8.04// New England Steam Lager

As unlikely as an England Germany final is, our first beer selection is an England vs Germany showdown courtesy of Northern Monk, who have made a truly 21st century lager. Using hazy New England yeast, a tonne of new world hops and roping in super fashionable German gypsy brewers Fuerst Wiacek, it’s simple and clean enough for any football fan, while offering enough interesting flavours should the first half be a bit cagey.


TENNIS: Wimbledon
BEER: Hackney Brewing x Kill The Cat with Square Root – (As yet untitled) Pimms Beer Cocktail

Wimbledon equals Pimms. For the start of the tournament we’ve teamed up with local legends Hackney Brewing who’ve brewed three very different beers that are poured separately, but are meant to be mixed to form the taste of (middle class) summer. This unprecedented summer experiment will be launched at Kill The Cat on Saturday 7 July. Well worth a trip out to East London.


CYCLING: Tour De France
BEER: Siren Cold Brew Coffee Schwarzbier

Everyone in cycling likes a stimulant, right? But when coffee and beer come together they often result in monstrously thick desert Stouts. Not this one. With the legs to get you through a few stages, this dark, crisp lager will keep you coming back for more without putting you to bed. Think of the fresh roast coffee as your very own support car.


GOLF: The Open Championship
BEER: Oedipus Brewing – Swingers Gose

Nothing happens fast in golf so you need a beer that’s interesting, quenching and summery. One that you can regularly go back to. Dutch brewers Oedipus are well known for their amazing flavour combinations and we love their ‘Swingers’ grapefruit and lime gose – summery, light and refreshing.


CRICKET: England v. India Test Series
BEER: Beavertown – Tempus Project Metamorph Brett IPA (pictured right)

It’s got to be an IPA, hasn’t it? Undergoing a slow secondary fermentation in the bottle, these dry, well carbonated, complex beers exhibit light fruits, tart and funky sourness and a clean bitterness that will keep your palate interested all day. But if you want to build a long innings like Geoffrey Boycott, start slow.


BOXING: WBO World Middleweight Title
BEER: Baladin – Xyauyu Barrel Barleywine

Clearly something punchy required here. We’re thinking brandy glasses, luxurious lacing and lots of swirling. It should be an end of night beer. Baladin Xyauyu Barrel Barleywine will make you feel like a boss with it’s sherry and dark fruit highlights, full, coating mouthfeel and warming boozy finish. But again, slow as you go and share with friends otherwise you’ll be out for the count!

Words by Dan Sandy
Image Credits by Courtesy of Beavertown Brewery (pairings)