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Essential Kit: The Barnby Windermere Shirt

In search of the perfect, pub-ready shirt? We can help with that…

Words by Will Halbert
Photography by Source Studio

You can’t beat a good local, can you? Not a bar, mind; but a proper pub. The scent of wood varnish and stale beer. The sweet promise of a carefully-poured Guinness from a line old enough to give the Royal Family’s lineage a run for its money. The tinny din of football commentary in the background, the familiar melody of the fruit machine in the fore. A dog-eared newspaper with the crossword half-filled (or half-failed, depending on your outlook and general disposition). Optics, sticky bar tops, and that carpet. You know the one. Not a single whiff of any themed fakery or the forward march of gentrification, just a good old-fashioned, down-and-dirty drinking hole. A no-nonsense temple of knees-up revelry.

Barnby Windermere’s Gretton Shirt is exactly that but in 100% Italian cotton. Not in the sense that it smells like stale beer, you understand (yours might, but who am I to judge?). More in the sense that it boasts the same no-nonsense, brass tacks straightforwardness of your classic boozer. That’s a rare thing indeed, isn’t it? A go-anywhere, do-anything, wear-with-everything shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down as occasion calls, tucked or untucked as etiquette dictates, and buttoned or unbuttoned as situation demands. The spread collar, mother of pearl buttons, and plaid pattern are lush touches too. Properly excellent stuff. Perfect for a pint down the local, if you ask me.

Anyway, it’s your round.

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