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One Thing Done Well: La Paz

Our series of brands doing one item especially well continues this month with the La Paz Baptista worker jacket

Words by Will HALBERT

Picture the scene: You’re walking through the coastal city of Porto. At your feet is the salt-licked and sand laden shores of Praia do Carneiro. Looking up, you see clay roofs atop stucco buildings as they cling desperately but dutifully to Porto’s rustic riverbank in all its pastel glory. If you ask me, with a home like Porto, La Paz have it pretty easy on the inspiration front.

You see, while countries like Italy and France positively – and deservedly – scream of their maritime heritage and sartorial prestige, Portugal just sort of gets on with things in the safety of its off-kilter charm and understated elegance. And as a brand, La Paz capture this charm and style in each an every garment they produce. 

La Paz is a little-known menswear label with an almost cult-like following amongst those that really know quality. Inspired by the Atlantic, its people and its traditions, La Paz works closely with some of the best local manufacturers to produce superlative goods that prove to be pretty much unrivalled in their quality and authenticity. Their Baptista worker jacket is a shining example of this.

‘La Paz’ love for the coastal majesty of their hometown is further reflected in the jacket’s adherence to hazy, earthen and oceanic color palettes.’

A heartfelt homage to the countless fisherman that have graced the Porto docks over the years, the Baptista worker jacket is not without a certain rugged, utilitarian charm. Made with wool, corduroy or heavy cotton twill depending on your preference, the hardy construction of the jacket is as resistant to the whims of inclement weather as it is to the uncertain tides of fashion. In short, the Baptista is a fad-proof staple with the kind of versatility that guarantees all-year wear. What’s more, La Paz’ love for the coastal majesty of their hometown is further reflected in the jacket’s adherence to hazy, earthen and oceanic color palettes. It’s a strong visual corollary that lends the jacket a clear and immediate sense of place and authenticity. 

Over the years, Portugal has quietly and consistently produced some of the finest fabrics known to the industry. Porto, in particular, has become a beacon for the well-made and the long-lasting. La Paz’ Baptista worker jacket is but another entry into that tradition. Solid in construction and more than a little romantic in its evocation of Porto’s timeless beauty, the jacket is as endearing as it is sure to be enduring. It’s the perfect attire for those who dream of a little sand underfoot and a little sea in their soul. EJ