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Stenströms Introduce the Perfect, Work-from-anywhere Western

Words by Will Halbert

There’s a long list of things to like about Stenströms’ spring-summer lineup, and somewhere at the top of that list sits their western shirt.

Now, there are those apt to shy away from the ol’ western when weighing up their daily shirting options – wary perhaps of its casual, blue-collar ruggedness. This, if you ask me, is exactly what makes Stenströms’ take on the western so compelling.

You see, the Stenströms western is a real workhorse of a shirt, one that pulls double duty as both office-friendly attire and casual, bar-ready regalia. All the classic cues here, of course; the front yoke, snap buttons, flap pockets, and slim fit all feature among the roll call of the western’s recurring features. But there’s a gentler approach to the classic shirt at work here; the lightweight washed denim makes it less of a bold statement and more of an everyday staple.

So even if your job description calls for more clerical acuity than any ranch-related readiness, Stenstroms are on hand to give both your working wardrobe some much-needed giddyup.

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