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Calm and Collected Cool

With an authentic and honest approach to fashion, Melka of Sweden’s latest lineup is a posterboy for Swedish style pragmatism

words by Will HALBERT

Style is a funny thing, isn’t it? It’s as unique to the individual as it is contingent upon societal influence. It’s undeniably singular, yet somehow geographically determined. Wholly idiosyncratic yet collectively curated. 

Take the Italians, for example. Ever the posterboys of Mediteranian chic, Italians are known for a studied carelessness, a certain I-woke-up-like-this stylistic nonchalance that gives the impression that the whole lot of them were just born classy. Then there’s the perpetual fashion pendulum that is the French, forever swinging back and forth between a timeless, Côte d’Azurian cool and a more pensive, Parisian reservedness. 

But the Swedes? The Swedes do things a little differently. They’re stylish, no doubt, but pragmatically so. Understated but never effortless, theirs is an almost clinical cool, a stripped-back and modestly-confident aesthetic that’s so of its place that it’s pretty hard to emulate. Those looking to pull it off authentically are going to need a little help. 

Enter Swedish heritage brand, Melka. Established over 70 years ago, Melka has long become synonymous with thoughtfully-designed pieces that reflect a distinctly Swedish style ethos. Their latest collection stays true to that legacy, boasting a solid selection of staple pieces to help build a transitional wardrobe for the modern man.

With a conscious lean toward layers and longevity, Melka eschews the traditional churn of fast fashion, aiming instead to offer timeless styles set to outlive seasonal trends. The 33-piece collection has its roots firmly within the Swedish aesthetic. Simple, well thought out pieces in an easy-to-wear colour palette come together to create an infinite combination of wardrobe staples. 

Though the lineup is peppered with faithful nods to Melka’s extensive archive (think cotton navy macs and classic, button-down striped shirts), it also finds itself elevated with a few modern – though no less modest – touches. Breton tops in soft cotton, moss-green knitted cardigans and statement, tartan checked jackets offer up further instances of Swedish stylistic pragmatism with a subtly rugged, workwear-esque inflection. With its clean lines, faithful callbacks and simple-yet-solid construction, Melka of Sweden has found a way to make the previously inimitable easily accessible. EJ  |  @melkastudios