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David Gandy


David Gandy Wellwear announces their first Poolside Collection – a carefully edited selection of swim shorts and towelling essentials, designed with both comfort and skin protection in mind.

If anyone knows about the power of swimwear it’s David Gandy – a man no stranger to a pure white budgie smuggler. But this is Wellwear, where comfort is king, so there’s not a Speedo in sight in his new Poolside Collection. As the man himself notes: “Time, and my style, has moved on. With this collection I wanted all men to look and feel their best, whether in the pool or chilling out beside it.” 

David Gandy Wellwear

The collection isn’t just about looking and feeling good though: it’s about being protected too. Poolside is Gandy’s first range to introduce Wellwear Protect – a new Wellwear fabric treatment providing UV protection. Applied to all of the Poolside products, it offers UPF40 sun protection without changing the appearance, handle and breathability of the fabric. Clothing with a UP (Ultraviolet Protection) Factor of 40 blocks 98% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, as opposed to SPF which only protects against UVA, adding an extra layer of protection during the summer. 

The swimwear itself comes in two styles (short and mid-length), available in three plain colour ways (red, navy and Provence blue) ensuring that Wellwear remains attainable to everyone, while maintaining the brand’s signature style credentials.

David Gandy Wellwear

For David Gandy, the shorter style, inspired by retro running kit from the 1970s, is the ultimate in comfort, providing a flattering cut with a side slit on each outer leg to allow for greater movement. The mid-length version, meanwhile, caters for those who want a bit more cover but are still after style, comfort and versatility. As with all Wellwear, practicality is key, so each design has side pockets and a patch pocket on the back, as well as a draw cord waist allowing the wearer to move, run and swim in total comfort and accommodating expanding waistlines after long holiday lunches! Eyelets are sewn in (as opposed to using metal) which enhances the products’ overall biodegradability credentials and prevents them from ‘ballooning up’ in the pool. 

The soft, matte, subtly textured fabric ensures they look just as good worn as part of an all-day wardrobe as they do for swimming or lounging by the pool. What’s more, the fabric is the world’s first polyamide yarn which is responsibly sourced and biodegrades in just a few years, compared to traditional plastic materials which can take tens or hundreds.

To accompany the swim shorts, signature David Gandy Wellwear styles – including the Sweatshirt, Polo and Shorts – have been reimagined in towelling fabric, all made from 100% BCI cotton for maximum softness, breathability and water absorption. Complimented by a Breton-style striped Heritage Tee, these can be styled with the swimwear or worn as part of an all-day wardrobe.

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