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Going the Extra Mile

We take a look at how Barry’s Bootcamp is breaking a sweat to provide the greenest, most sustainable workout in the world

words by Will HALBERT

Barry’s Bootcamp understands more than anyone that change doesn’t just happen overnight. Whether we’re talking about your physique, your lifestyle or your sustainable efforts, change is the product of discipline, determination and dedication. Luckily, Barry’s Bootcamp has all three in spades, and they’re applying these tenets to provide the world’s greenest workout. 

Barry’s are working to ensure that plastic cups in its Fuel Bars will be entirely replaced by PLA cups & lids (100% compostable) over the next 3 months (PLA and paper straws are already in full effect). Barry’s core collection of tanks and tees are also eco-friendly, made from either bamboo or Tencel (regenerated wood cellulose).

Efforts continue in the changing room, where plastic cotton buds have been replaced with paper variants, and complimentary, take-home sweat bags have been specially designed for multiple uses to cut down on any plastic waste. And on the fitness front, Mark Ross, personal trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp Manchester, gives us a few tips on a regime that will go the distance:

‘Finding a healthy lifestyle that works for you is about making mostly good choices, but also enjoying the fun things in life to keep it sustainable. Training is a lot like diet. Gone are the days of strict 6 week diets where zero sugar is consumed. Balance is key. Training should be frequent and varied, but maintainable to keep you excited and motivated to carry on. That’s where Barry’s works so well. Our schedule is designed so that you can take class every day while giving your different muscle groups time to recover. Setting goals helps. You need to know the ‘why’. This could be a new weight increase with dumbbells, a personal best speed on the tread or physical goals like measurements. Barry’s helps you stay on track by allowing you to plan ahead by scheduling a week in advance. Remember it is a journey, find what works for you and enjoy every moment of it.’ EJ