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Sustainable Hydration JUST Water X Barry’s Bootcamp

The average adult is 50-65% water. That is, before said adult steps into Barry’s infamous Red Room. We Sweat, we drink. It’s the natural way of things at a Barry’s Bootcamp workout, and that’s exactly why the world-class gym has committed itself to minimizing their impact on the environment. 

One of the ways in which it’s doing that is by teaming up with JUST Water. Founded in 2015, JUST Water is dedicated to producing responsibly-sourced, quality products, contained in sustainably-innovative packaging. The first product, JUST Water, is 100% spring water naturally sourced and packaged in a bottle made of 82% renewable resources. The company mission to create environmental and social value along the supply chain extends to partnerships with environmental non-profits, key members of the science and innovation community, as well as university collaborations, event alliances and community projects. 

According to co-founder, Jaden Smith: ‘We’re really inspired to be partnering with Barry’s as they take a stance against single-use plastic water bottles. Having this prestigious fitness studio lead the way by choosing to bring in JUST Water as their sustainable water option sets an example for us all.  We have choices and making the choice that is better for the environment is something we all must do for our future.’ EJ