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Levi’s 501®: The number that changed everything

Levi’s 501®. The classic. What else is there to say?

To celebrate the past, present and future of this globally beloved iconic – and to help launch its latest iteration, the 501® ‘90s – Levi’s® has partnered with seven visionaries whose stories perfectly embody the spirit of the Original 501®, and who each possess a unique perspective that embraces the change needed to inspire growth and personal evolution.

Featured in the campaign – and showing off the versatile style of the Original 501® and the 501® ‘90s – is hip-hop innovator, actor, and producer Kid Cudi; artist, designer, and cultural arbiter Tremaine Emory; sonic innovator and founding member of legendary Beastie Boys’ Mike D; fashion icon Nathan Westling; model, creative director, and style innovator Gia Seo; stylist, sartorial taste-maker, and first Black woman to style a Vogue magazine cover Gabriella Karefa-Johnson; and model, musician, and member of the punk band The Paranoyds, Staz Lindes.

A badge of youthful rebellion, a staple of casual style, a canvas for creative self-expression – the Original Levi’s 501® jean is all things to all people. But most of all, it is a catalyst that changed the way we think about clothes. It helped people understand that a single item could be the launchpad for a person’s signature style. Whether worn painted and customized, ‘80s-style faded and slim, ripped-up and baggy a la ‘90s grunge, or “borrowed” dad-style, the Levi’s® 501® transcends trends, and has long signified effortless cool across generations.

As is always the case, Levi’s will continue to make waves and be at the forefront of contemporary fashion. This is simply the next step in their 150 year journey.