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Nike Air Max Day 2021: Sneakers with a Side of Sizzle

The DQM x Nike Air Max 90 ‘Bacon’ returns after 17 years

Words by Will Halbert

Nike Air Day (it’s a thing, we promise) sees the welcome return of the classic and oh-so-covetable Air Max 90 Bacon. It’s a doozy, too. Think prime cuts of indulgent nostalgia seasoned with heartstopping sprinkles of hype and served on a bed of melt-in-your-mouth unattainability.

On the heart they lay heavy, no doubt, but the Air Max 90 ‘Bacons’ sure are easy on the eye. The reissue sees a return to 2004’s original, higher-profile silhouette and sports a range of shades and hues that represent bacon in its various stages of preparation. 

For those too young to remember, the original Air Max 90 ‘Bacon’ was the result of a collaboration between Nike and the now-closed, butcher-themed, boutique sneaker store, Dave’s Quality Meats. The store was nothing if not an exercise in total commitment to the theme – with founders Chris Keefe and Dave Ortiz working in a modified butchers shop where all the products were packaged up like fresh cuts of meat.

In fact, the sneaker’s original design is said to have been conceived in just one evening, after Dave Ortiz took a chance trip to his local bodega and ordered up a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. The rest, as they say, is history.

Historically, the Nike Air Max 90 Bacon has long been a hot commodity on the resale market, ranking high amongst the many rare and covetable 90s to grace Nike’s hall of fame. This reissue is likely to follow in the same path. Those not wanting to fatten the pockets of greedy resellers will simply have to go hungry this time.

See what I did there?